Graphic Design 2 – Midterm

PROJECT: 605_Midterm MIDTERM! DUE OCT 26th REVISE ALL YOUR PROJECTS!!! Make them perfect 🙂 Indesign Notes: Command + B = Text Frame Options Command + Shift + Click = Unlock Master Element Consider using ‘Mock-ups’ to present your work. It will make the work look professional! Free mockup sites *requires that you create an…

Graphic Design 3 – Project 5 – Magazine Article

Create a magazine article to promote your brand. Think of a magazine that would be appropriate for your brand and would reach the correct audience. You can use an existing magazine or create one for this project. The article and images should be cohesive with your brand’s guidelines and mission. magazine Art_606_Project_5_Magazine_Article_update Inspiration Links:…

Graphic Design 2 – Week 4 – Shape

Project- 605_project_4_shape_project Experiment with the way shape can be used to manipulate type and image. Experiment with perspective, distortions, collages and compositing.     Illustrator Type Manipulation Perspective- Envelope Distort- Photoshop Type and Image Manipulation Warp- Puppet Warp- Vanishing Point- Displace-   Files to use for class practice:

Graphic Design 3 – Proj 4 -Using a Template – Facebook

art_606_proj_4_social_media_template Before a brand makes their brand ‘live’ on social media they usually create versions for review. Often times a template will be used because it offers flexibility for editing and brand assets can be tested. Facebook templates in Photoshop fb_post fb_page_template   Newer Facebook templates in Illustrator can be found here    

3D – Sketchup Floorplan

Proj_2_Create Floorplan Class Notes: Importing a floorplan Sizing the Floorplan Building basic shapes Layers Using offset Raising the Walls Creating Groups to avoid stickyness Sections Adding materials & warehouse objects Adding Scenes (View>Animation>Add Scenes)   1001bit Tools This plugin is FREE at the sketchup extension warehouse and gives you useful additions to your tool options.…