Experiment with adding a keyfarmed object to the Cuts/Transitions Project from Last week

You can add keyfames to a layer.
Draw something (not on the background layer)

Now click the TRANSFORM TOOL and add a KEYFRAME

Move the PLAYHEAD and and another KEYFRAME

Now you can move the object on either KEYFRAME or inbetween!


For effect, you can adjust your camera or layer movements so they ease in or ease out of the keyframes.

With the Camera or Layer Transform tool selected, the Ease In/ Ease Out parameters become available in the Tool Properties view.


Importing Images to Library

  1. In the Library view, right-click a library folder and select Import Files.

The browser window opens.

  1. Find and select an image file and click Open.

The selected file appears in the Library view as a .tpl file inside the selected library folder.



Class Resources:
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