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Pacifica Radio Archives
ONE lgbt archives:
Mazer lesbian archives:
Herstory archives:
GLBT Historical Society

Feminism is for Everybody -bell hooks
pdf –
Teaching to Transgress – bell hooks
TRANSGENDER WARRIORS: Making History From Joan of Arc to Dennis Rodman- Leslie Feinberg
Bridge Called My Back- Writings by Radical Women of Color
Cunt- Inga Muscio
exceprts –

READING- Blogs and More
Arts for LA
National Art Education Association
Latino POV
Teachers for Justice
New York Collective of Radical Educators
Education for Liberation Network *FIND LESSON PLANS HERE!
Beauty Redefined
Libcom Blog (libertarian communism blog)
Feminist Frequency
Angry Black Woman
Queer Zine Archive Project-
POC Zine Project-
Zine lesson plans:
The Anarchist Library-
Occupy Archive-

Bad Brains

Riot Grrl

Bikini Kill

Le Tigre


Team Dresch

A great critique on standardized testing and more!


Born in Flames ( it’s on Netflix)
“Born in Flames opens ten years after a social democratic revolution when America is starting to swing to the right again. Women, lesbians and minorities who were instrumental in the transformation of society are losing their jobs: a familiar last-hired /first-fired scenario which feeds their doubts about the practical impact of this ‘revolution.’

Iron Ladies (Thailand)
“The movie follows the true events of a men’s volleyball team, composed mainly of gay and kathoey (transgender) athletes. The movie was directed by Youngyooth Thongkonthun and written by Visuttchai Boonyakarnjawa and Jira Maligool.”

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