Examples: app_examples



Create hand drawn sketches to sketch ideas for your app
Use a generic ‘smart phone’ template as a base (can be a simple rectangle)
Use branding elements (logo, color, shapes, tag lines, etc)
Sketch out the various functions of the app
Sketch out the Icons you will use in your app
Think about the order of the pages/screens
Experiment with how the interface will ‘feel’ how it will ‘connect’ with your user

Site Map
A detailed list of all the pages/screens and the order in which they appear
Use arrows or a numbered list to make the content easy to understand
Contains details/info about what will be happening on the pages

UX User Experience
What does the app do?
Why does someone want to download it?
What kind of feeling does it give to the user?
How does it help the user?
How does it relate back to the goals of your Brand?

UI User Interface
The look and feel of the buttons.
The icon style.
The way pages move or animate.
The overall style of the app.
How does the app stay inline with your Brand?
Who is it catering too?

Class Activity
Take 3 screenshots from Apps you use on your phone.
We will discuss the UI/UX.

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