Compare and Contrast 2 different Designers/Design Movements.

Create a 4 page layout that includes your written research and visual explanations.

Student Examples of Compare&Contrast Project:

Rosas_Graphic_Design_Compare and_Contrast


Elements/Priciples Vocabulary to use in your analysis:
Line, Shape, Texture, Color, Size.
Unity, Dominance, Balance Contrast, Rhythm

Research links:

Great Site with many links and designers/movements-

Site with Graphic Design history around the world –

Art Movements –

Women of Graphic Design

Trends for 2016 –

Curated list of posters/design work –

Great site for tutorials/news/trends –

Design inspiration/downloads/news –

Wallpaper – architecture and interiors and fashion –

Japanese Graphic Design collected –

Latin American Designers:

Middle East & African Designers:–psd-5036

Selected Movements:

Art Nouveau-

Arts & Crafts Movement –

Bauhaus 1919-1930 –

Futurism –

Swiss/International Style –




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