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Halftone_Lesson – Notes on how to create halftones in Photoshop and Illustrator techniques

POINT & Halftone Patterns in Photoshop

Point is one of the most elements of Design. We see points at the end of our sentences, we see points as imaginary spaces on a horizon, we can see points as ares of focus, etc. A point can be used to draw emphasis to an area, or as a graphic element that is repeated.

Halftone Patterns have been used in newspapers, books and other forms of printed materials throughout time. Small dots were filled with varying levels of ink to create a color or a gradient effect from a  distance.  (Look close the next time you see a picture in a book m it may have been printed with a halftone). Halftone patterns found in newspaper comics influenced the artist Roy Lichtenstein and others when they made their artwork.


Photoshop Tutorial on Haflftone




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