Adding elements to the Master Page makes them repeat on all pages with the same Master Page letter applied

Use None Page to clear Master Page formatting from any page

Cmd+B – Text Frame Options – adjust vertical justification and inset spacing

Shift+Cmd+Click w/Selection Tool- override a master page element

Shift+Cmd+Drag w/Selection Tool – resize images proportionally

To get the best resolution on your screen
View>Display Performance>High Quality Display

Check your image links and embed each

Adding multiple page pdfs or Psd or Ai
File>Place and check the Show Import Options box

Using Styles>
You can create Character styles to save the characteristics of your font.
Go to Window>Styles>Character and click on the top corner of the window to access ‘New Style’ to save and name your style.

To make more complicated styles with styled text AND a colorful background-
Save your type as a Paragraph Style and then Save it as an Object Style.
In the Object Style window you can load the specific Paragraph Style you created.
This is know as a ‘nested style’ as it holds two different style settings.

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