Illustration – Animation with Photoshop, Animatics

Project – Art_620_Proj7_animatic Animation Methods- Key frame Animation Video Timeline Animation Video Layers & Onion Skinning Transitions & Pans         File for Aftereffects lesson     Additional Animation Links: Creating Advanced Animations In Photoshop AnimDessin2 Plugin    

Illustration – Storyboarding and The Pitch

Project 6 – Art_620_Proj6_mystoryboard_project Storyboard Progression – Storyboard_progression_basics Storyboard Shot suggestions: Stepping Forward- From Establishing – Full – Medium – Closeup and then back again The Tease – start with prop and then character jumps in Insert Shots – abrupt cut for thematic build up Corresponding shots- sizes stay consistent ,  angles of camera keep relationships The…

Resources for Illustration Artists

This software (PC) allows you to have more control of your tablet and drawing tools. Software is not free This blog has alternatives to  photoshop and illustrator Recommended sites for art students: – This site has jobs and professional work from artists, work you’ll see is mostly digital and design – Can…

Illustration – Character Design

Project – Art_620_Proj5_charactersheet_project Character Design Handout – Character Design Heads/Faces/Expressions: Drawing heads_ball_method Drawing_heads_ball_and_plane_method Drawing_heads_multiple_ball_methods Characters: Use a measuring system – 9 heads (or your own system) Think about ‘line of action’ ‘arc’ ‘movement’  and ‘silhouette’ anatomy_and_head_measurment_systems Posing_Characters_W_spongebob  

Illustration – Storyboarding + Storytelling

Anatomy of a Storyboard and Basic Terminology anatomy_and_basics_of_a_storyboard star_wars_storyboard_small Storyboard_tips PROJECT 3 – Art_620_Proj3_Storyboard_Research PROJECT 4 – Art_620_Proj4_storytelling_project     AFI illustrated List & Film Basics Handbook Amazing websites with tons of resources!!! – Angles and Composition and POV Great filmstills – Kubrick, Scott  & more!       Storytelling:…