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Storyboards help with ‘Previsualization’ aka ‘Previs’ to plan/make changes to shots before production.
Things to think about: Where to put the camera? What kind of special effects? Who is in the shot? What needs to be built? What will wardrobe need to do? Can be used to make a budget for the production

Story-boarding for Live-Action or Animation?
If its for a live-action story, the drawings can be a bit more free and stylized.
If its for an animation, you must follow the Character sheet (usually done first).

Live-action show the beginning and end of each scene (cuz actors will do the rest)
Scene = Location and The shots (camera moves)

In hand drawn, you show most of the keyframes, frame by frame
Scene = Each different camera position and the word ‘shot’ is not so often used

Create a Storyboard Project

*Create a folder first to hold all your files
Name the Project
Place it in your folder
*subtitle is optional in case you are working on multiple boards for a project
Pick a size (HD) and frame rate 24

Storyboard>Properties to change name
add copyright to add you name and contact

As you work : command+s to save

Use the Music Symbol to activate the Timeline workspace
experiment with the many modes to view your work

Scroll w mouse to zoom in and out of preview windo

In timeline use 1 and 2 to zoom in and out

Panels – collections of drawings that are technically happening in the same ‘shot’ or camera position, they can NOT have transitions.

Scene- a new ‘shot’ or camera position, you CAN transition between a panel and a scene. Notice the beveled edge.

Sequence – a complete different set of scenes, think of this as a new location. You CAN transition between sequences.

You can add keyfames to a layer.
Draw something (not on the background layer)Now click the TRANSFORM TOOL and add a KEYFRAME
Move the PLAYHEAD and and another KEYFRAME
Now you can move the object on either KEYFRAME or inbetween!

You can transition between Panels and Scenes/Sequences of between Scenes and Sequences. Right Click and choose transistion.
NOTE- to see your transitions make sure the little EYEBALL CAMERA is on.

File> Export> Movie


more notes on storyboarding


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