Vector or Bitmap?
You can draw with vector or bitmap.Vector drawing allows you to control the nodes while Bitmap drawing gives you the ability to work with a more natural look.
Camera moves
Add keyframes to your camera moves!
Add a keyframe to the beginning of the panel and the end and then use the Camera tool to move the camera frame

You can share your drawings by putting them in the library and they stay update-able (like smart objects)

Library>reference images or Import>Layer
copy and paste layers to different panels
drag image to panel, and lower opacity
trace over the image

Import Drawings as Panels
To import scanned work
Import Images as Shots if you want them in order

Modify the generic panel layer structure
create your own template for layer structure
Layer> Set Layer layout as default

Add color on separate layer
using groups to color under your drawings
Add color underneath and then group the layers
use the draw behind tool

Blur Layers
you can ‘Blur’ bitmap layers but not vector layers
Layer < blur bitmap layers (try between 5 and 12)


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