Photoshop’s video timeline can use keyframes to make animations. This can help automate some animation tasks and also allows for animation of preexisting images and videos.


1st steps
Use Keyframes to edit:

Making Bouncing Basketball
Place Basketball in timeline
Shorten the length of the project to 1second.
Use Keyframes to Rotate the ball.
Now convert to Smart object
Use Keyframes to Transform and make it Bounce
Now convert to Smat Object
Save the file as ‘Rotate and Bounce Template’
Now click through all the smart objects, till you get to the first image of the basketball, replace this original image with something new and save each smart object!
Save this file and continue to save all the other files in this smart object series.
You have now created a bouncing and rotating template that allows for interchangeable images.

Tutorial Links
Basic Keyframe Tutorial *NOTE- don’t export to GIF, export to MOV!

More Advanced Tutorial

Creating Advanced Animations In Photoshop

Assets for Practice


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