Keying Green Screen Footage
Import Green Screen footage
Use the Pen tool to make a ‘garbage matte’ to cut the space that is unneeded.
*not always necessary
Now go to your effects & presets panel and type KEY in the search menu and look for the
‘Key light + Key Cleaner + Advanced Spill Suppressor’ choice
Double click or drag this effect  to your video
Click on Screen Color and choose the color you want to cut out the color
Click on the View option to see the different ways to see your composition, Final Result is best.
Click on Screen Gain and ADD if you need to eat more green
Click on Screen Matte and adjust the Clip Black> increase this to push grey pixels to black and Clip White> lower the white to increase the contrast
Check your work by changing your view to SCREEN MATTE
Change the Replace Method to adjust the color even more, try it!

3D layers
2D layers that live in 3d space
Enable 3d to make your layer adjustable
Use the rotate tool to move your layer along the x,y,z
Use the Keyframe controls to animate the 3D positions

3d Objects (text)
Type some text
Enable 3d for the layer
In the Composition window click the RENDERER and change it form Classic to Ray Trace
(this allows for the object to be a 3d object)
Use the Rotate tool to move it’s Y axis, etc
(you may need to use the Pan behind tool to change its center axis point)
Now add a Light layer to see the shading of the object
Parallel – light has no beginning or end, goes in one direction forever
Spot – shines a spot on an area, like on a stage
Point – like an exposed light bulb
Ambient – lights the overall scene
You can change the color of the light
Cast shadows – you can make the shadows dark, and diffuse the light
Falloff – Smooth tends to render faster, clamped is suppose to be more realistic (mess with this)
Once you make the light layer you can click the light icon to change the settings of the light

*NOTE when rendering objects that use Ray Tracing you may want to use the RENDER QUEUE instead of the ADOBE MEDIA ENCODER
looks like there is a bug
You may also have to open the file in Adobe Media Encoder after rendering, and have it convert to fully work.


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