Keyframes – Records a parameter at a specific tieme
Codec – The method used to compress and decompress files.
Render – Processing the layered after effects file into a playable movie file.
Alpha Channel – A transparent layer that is carried with the video file.
(Click on channel button underneath Preview)

Project Panel
Import files into the project
Video Files or layered files
It does not embed the files in there so be careful not to move the file reference

Layers that exist in time
Eyes for visibility
Blending Modes like PS*
*Make sure to click  on toggle button below to see that

If you are logged in it will share the work you have synchronized

Play and stop buttons or just use Spacebar

Where the fun stuff is!

Panels can be moved and stretched
Window or Workspace button to change and reset

Compositions Elements

First Practice
Create a new Composition
HDTV preset & Duration is 1 second

Make a Shape
Grab Shape tool make a square add a fill and stroke
Notice it creates “Shape Layer 1”
and within in that
“Rectangle 1”
*Note that the Shape Layer is like a folder and may contain multiple Shapes inside of it

Change the Center Anchor Point
Make sure to click on the Shape Layer 1 Layer name
The Center Point will most likely be at the center of the screen
Click the Pan Behind tool and move the Anchor Point while holding command

Use Keyframe on Position and Rotation to move the object!

Graph Editing
Click on Position option under Transform
Right Click on Position to choose Separate Dimensions
Use Selection Tool to click on point on graph
Now click Easy Ease button
Play with Graph!

Remember the Slow In and Slow Out Principle!!!

If you use Pen tool on a Layer it will create a mask!You can adjust the points with the move tool and with Pen tool Options

Render the Video!
Use Adobe Media Encoder for best results


use this for masking

Hand holding mobile smart phone with blank screen. Isolated on white.
Hand holding mobile smart phone with blank screen. Isolated on white.

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