This site exists to help teachers (and students) implement art lessons that focus on social justice issues. Social justice as a pedagogical concept covers lots of ground but to sum it up in a sentence – It is a pedagogy that honors the voices of all students and recognizes that certain groups (women, people of color, impoverished groups, LGBTQ peoples) have historically had their voices silenced and ignored. This site’s ultimate goal is to develop a classroom community based on mutual respect, trust and listening. Each of the lessons offers questions to be used in class discussions. The lessons and resources I have put together come from all corners of the internet and I am grateful for all the great work being done out there, please check the LINKS section!

As teachers and students listen to each other and give space to the experience of all peoples they can become enlightened to the systemic oppressions that exists in our society and the ways that visual culture/popular media supports these systems. This is touchy, inflammatory content for those who have never considered the overarching effects of racism, sexism, colonialism and class. For some of us (I was born in El Salvador, of mixed race and identify as queer) these oppressive systems are things we see all day and we are ready to make our voices heard!

Me: I am an artist and educator who has been teaching Digital Media, Visual Arts and Visual Communications in Los Angeles since 2005. I have taught in High School and College and have also worked as a Graphic Designer in the corporate (yuck!) entertainment world.

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  1. You are a brilliant and passionate educator. Thank you for all your hard work. These lessons are so detailed and well researched. I love the links and discussion questions. These are issues that kids want to know about! I applaud your dedication to teaching field. You remind me why I became a teacher!

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