Lets take a look at the more features for Polygon Modeling.
Use these tools to continue to work on your LOW-POLY model.
With these new tools, add more detail!

*NOTE – for the tools below make sure you check off the tool when you are done (right click and go back to Object Mode)

Mesh Tools > Show Modeling Tool Kit (gives you access to the tools below)

Extrude tool
shortcut = Control + E
or use Modeling Tool Kit and Extrude Button and Variables
You can extrude Faces (notice how it is different than Move)
You can Extrude an Edge to create a new Face
You can extruded a Vertex as well
*Keep faces together check it on and off

Bevel Tools
Select Face or set of Edges
Edit Mesh>Bevel
Add segments, adjust Fraction (how much bevel)

Edge Loops
Mesh Tools> Insert Edge Loop
Left Click on an Edge to add the Edge loop

Mesh Tools>Slide Edge
Middle Mouse click and slide left or right to move edge w/o damaging shape

Mesh Tools>Offset
Will create edges offset from the elected Edge

Adjust the Symmetry Settings in the Modeling Tool Kit  to pick the symmetrical/opposite side of your objects

To align vertex, select two vertex then
Edit Mesh – Merge
This will merge the vertices

Edit Mesh – Target Weld
Select a vertex and then the Vertex you want to connect to
Click and drag to connect them

Mesh>Mirror Geometry
Direction (you might need to choose negative)
Check Merge
Adjust the settings in the floating window

Edit Mesh>Bridge
Select Edge Loop, Select another and apply the bridge

Smoothing w/sub division Surfaces to view model in different ways
1 – model
2- smooth and edge
3 – just smooth
(add edge loops here to modify)


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