You can create an animation based on your SCENES.
You will turn in one animation along with your Midterm Poster.

Create cohesive scenes of your project.
Try to keep the scenes consistent with a path of view, imagine you are a photographer on a dolly or a drone or walking around your object.
Adjust the Style menu settings.
Turn off edges, add shadows, etc.
Apply settings across Scenes
Use Window>Scenes to see each scene, and to update them. You can right click on the scenes and choose which parts to update.
Adjust the animation settings
View>Animation>Settings, Check Enable Scene Transitions, Add longer transition time, Add zero delay time
File Export> Animation, choose a high resolution (1080p), press OK
For format use H.264
*You may want to combine the video files in Photoshop. Use File>PLACE EMBEDDED and use WINDOW>TIMELINE to adjust your videos. You can also use Premiere or any other video software.



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