This is one of the many ways of making a quick animation of your work.
*there are many methods, this is the most basic.

Create a Group to contain your object.
Name this Group > Animation Group  (or a name of the ‘part’ of your object for example – arm)

Go the Channel Box for this Group
Right Click on the Rotation option and choose Key Selected

Now look at the Timeline Slider at the bottom of the screen, you should see a small red line noting that you are keying your animation.
*keyframes are records of your object across time

Now move the playhead  forward and use your Rotation tool to make an adjustment to the object
Right click and Choose Key Selected Again

Now change the total time of you Animation by adjusting the slider beneath the Timeline

Now Right Click in the Timeline and choose Playblast and click the Square to open up the preferences
Change the Encoding to H.264
Increase the Scale to 1.00
Uncheck – Remove Temporary Files
Check – Save to File
Choose a location (Browse) for you file!
hit Playblast!


Optimizing your Viewport:
Getting a White Background
Windows> Settings/Preferences>Color Settings
3D views> Background Color> White

Remove the Grid:
Display>Grid  (click to remove)

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